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  private plots & public spots  




Awarding authority and event organization:

NiederösterreichAs part of its program “Natur im Garten” the Province of Lower Austria is presenting the international garden design award best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012
 in recognition of excellence in the design of sustainable private outdoor spaces and gardens.

Conception, Realisation and Competition Management:

Team private plots GesnbR
Dr. DI Karin Standler, Landschaftsarchitektur
Doris Seebacher, Christine Schatz
Badhausgasse 1-3/5
A-1070 Vienna

The private plots & public spots concept is based on an interdisciplinary discussion of aesthetic and cultural concepts in garden and landscape architecture by the landscape architect Karin Standler, the horticultural scientist Andrea Heistinger and the architect Robert Froschauer, and was expanded by contributions of cultural theorist Gisela Steinlechner. 


Graphic Design, Web Design: layerone, Siegfried Preibisch, Local Communication Design, Martin Schicht

Programmer: Daniela Koller

Media Relations: Team private plots,